1. I shall breed with the intention of improving the Birman cat and not for commercial gain.
  2. When selling cats/kittens I will represent them honestly, they will be at least 10 weeks old, microchipped and vaccinated at least once. All cats/kittens sold or otherwise rehomed shall be parasite free, wormed, clean, sociable and in good health. If a new owner wishes to accept a cat/kitten that has a permanent health problem that requires ongoing care, they will be made aware of all relevant history and any future veterinary care that may be required in the short or long term.
  3. I will endeavour to ensure that only responsible and caring people obtain Birmans and I will assist them in every possible way.
  4. As a Birman owner I will do all required ensuring that the health and well being of all my cats/kittens will be maintained to a high standard.  If unable to properly care for them I will contact the club or the breeder who will assisnt in placing them in a good home/homes.
  5. I wil not knowlingly sell/transfer a Birman to a wholesale or retail pet dealer or allow a Birman to be a prize or donation in a contest of any kind.
  6. As a stud or boarding facility I will ensure all cats in my care are kept in hygienic conditions, fed and watered properly and receive any necessary veterinary attention required.
  7. Anyone who purchases a male kitten/cat for stud purposes will be advised of the responsibilities and care of such ownership and the type of housing required.
  8. I will endeavour to ensure all kittens/cats go to loving responsible homes and that the new owners clearly understand their responsibilities of ownership. All pet owners will be required to sign a declaration stating that pets will be desexed by 6 months of age. They will also be given a diet sheet, vaccination certificate and grooming information.
  9. Any kitten/cat sold by me for showing/breeding shall comply favourably with the standard and the necessary pedigree and registration forms are transferred to the new owner without delay and that they will be correct in all ways.
  10. I shall not permit my registered purebred Birman cat to be mated with an unregistered Birman or with any other breed of cat.
  11. I shall not breed by female Birman cat before 9   months of age and no more than twice a year (except in exceptional circumstances).
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